Website on HTML or WordPress Which is Better

Website on HTML or Wordpress Which is Better

Website on HTML or WordPress Which is Better Hello friends my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectualindies today we will talk about html and WordPress guys are commenting alot why should I learn html,css,php as I can make a website in wordpress so can we make a full fledged website in word press, so don’t we need we development so

basically a core website advantage and disadvantage Vs a WordPress Website Try to Understand this, If i want a website which looks good and Works Properly, For the Business and In which I don’t need any Specific Functionality Then in that case, I can make that website on WordPress Lets Understand, What is WordPress? WordPress is a Kind of Framework In which the coding is Pre Defined Basically,

wordpress also words on Coding, In Framework the Coding is Pre Defined Like, If I click on that button, it will Auto Generate a Code Accordingly But, Those Pre Sets that they have made is all what we have So, If i want to make a Website that looks Good and Words Good And for the Functionality that i want, their must be a Plugins Some are Free and Some are paid For the Functionality can i install the

Plugins for the Functionality? Or their is no Plugin for the Functionality that i want Next point could be, that my Website will get heavy If i’ll install a lot of Plugins That is the only Drawback in the WordPress But in Coding, we have almost all control in our hands We can make anything we want and if we do clean coding, then the Website will be fast and Lighter also We used plugins in the WordPress, we will use some tools here also But those will be Relatively Fast and If want something Unique,

that hasn’t been Designed Yet Then i can do that in Coding Thats the Only Difference I can develop applications in Coding i can make Chat box in coding, can make many Unique Things That exist in Internet But if I’ll Stick to WordPress, i can make WordPress Websites only and that too only for the Basic Business Profiles 1 pager one, OR the 5 pager One You can also make E-Commerce But i’ll Say that a Big E-Commerce cant be handle by the WordPress and i You try to make it run on WordPress,

then you going to need a Huge amount for Servers So better thing will be go for Coding if you are looking for WordPress based Website If you are thinking something Big, but if you have limited products wordpress will work Now, the advantage with the WordPress is that its very easy Coding need a lot of Efforts and Time and we are not Pro in Coding, we might get in Trouble their is

No chances of Stucking in Coding with WordPress WordPress also has a Pre Made Website Designs and you can make a Decent Website out of it But if we talk about the coding, we have to write it from scratch Its possible that we have Codes Snipet From our Research or Our Sources Or stole it from somewhere, or from someone’s old work we can use them by Copy Paste in Coding As i told you in my previous Videos, that how can you use the Pre-made HTML

Templates But We modified someone’s Old Work But if we want Hardcore Changes, Then we have to Do coding The Next advantage with the wordpress is If you make a Hardcore coded Website, It will take Time Times means Money, Basically If you come to me for the Development of the Website i have to give salary to my employs also and if that website is taking around 2-3 Months and 4-5 people are working on it, then at least ill charge their Salary The basic things is this But a person can Deliver Website in WordPress in 1-2 Days if He/She works Hard If you go to another person also for the Development in WordPress then it will develop the Website relatively in Less Price That’s why recently i have launched some

WordPress Based Plans Where we are providing service at very cheap price You can check that on Our Website-, if you are interested You can see that link above also Their will be our no., and you can call us I would like to tell you one more thing that is Security WordPress works on his security of its own and you have to work on the Website security by your own in Coding So their could be Hike in the Expenses in the Coding Basically their are 4 Points only First one is Hardwork, you have to work harder in the coding and relatively less in WordPress Then Time Coding

requires a lot of Timing in the Development Then Price Coding would cost you high as compared to the cost in Coding Ease, Coding Require more, WordPress Require less Forth one in Security, You have to work on the Security of your Website on the Coding, whereas the WordPress work on its security by its own and with Updates Just like what we get in Mobiles, Similarly WordPress Roll Out the Updates Now think by Yourself, what is Important for you If we want a Basic Website, then i’ll go for the WordPress and i have something Specific in my Mind, then i’ll go for the Hardcore

Website Coding If you have an interest in Coding, You can follow my series Of development Even if you are Working on WordPress, then also you can follow that series Because You will be able to do Customization in WordPress Also as I mentioned Before, WordPress is Based on Code’s only If you learn the coding, you will be able to modify Wordpres Greetings Do share your Point of Views, Why WordPress is Better and Why coding is Better? Greetings Website on HTML or WordPress Which is Better

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