Web development for beginners What does a web developer do

Web development for beginners What does a web developer do

Web development for beginners What does a web developer do Entering the field of web development is an excellent choice and web developers are extremely high demand. This video will give you a good understanding of web development in order to pursue a career as a web developer.

What is a web development? Webdevelopment usually refers to activities related to web site functionalitiesdevelopment. Although every website is developed a little differently. There are three fundamental componentsthat conduct every interaction

between a user and the site: Client (or Frontend), the local computing device, and browser that the user is interacting with to access the website. The big challenge, in this case, is to make sure that a website functions exactly the same way on all browsers.

Server (or Backend), the server is theremote computer that is being ‘run on the other side’ and is responsible for sitecode generation and database handling. Database, the database is the informationthat is generated or used within the website.

For example, all account information of a logged-in user is being stored in the database. Once the three fundamental components have been identified. You will clearly understand where web development ties into the entire process.

The web developer plays a significantrole by ensuring that when users interact with a website. It reacts in a certain manner. Webdevelopment roles: When developing websites there’s specific project rolesthat have different responsibilities that are quite prominent: Web Designer.Web designers are responsible

for the appearance and usability of a website. They usually work with Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator for design purposes and more advanced designers can build web prototypes using coding skills. FrontEnd Developer.

Front-end developers are the glue that hold web designers andback-end developers together. These people deal with client side programmingand applying designs they have received from web designers. Their main tools areHTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Back End Developer. Back-end developers are those who work behind the scenes. They develop server-side logic, manage database connection, design APIs, handle security, and authorization. The main tools they use are Ruby, Node.JS, PHP, Python, Go- Lang, Java, Scala, and a great deal more.

Back-end developers also deal with databases. Some of the most populardatabases include mySQL, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Redis and oracleDB. Full StackDeveloper.

A full-stack developer is a one man army specialist that can work on both client and server-side and sometimes even a design. mastery over different layers is in high demand. Understanding the problems of different project roles makes them a good fit for a potential team leader position.

What does a web developer do? In general, web developers are responsible for building and maintaining websites. You might think that web developersspend whole days working on their code. But it’s not necessarily true, while development is the biggest part ofa developer’s job.

There are other crucial tasks that need to be done. Here are other important activities a web developer is involved in Analysis: Analysis is a constant part of web developers’ job.

This involves talking with the client,gathering functional and non-functional requirements. This allows to look at a project frombird’s eye view and then plan architecture properly. Code Review: Beforenew code is added to a main code base. It usually undergoes a code reviewprocess. This is where other developers go through your code, review it and makesuggestions for small fixes.

Mentoring: Once you have reached acertain level and expertise. You’re often expected to share yourknowledge with others and train junior developers. This is usually followed by a PairProgramming in which to developers sit in front of one computer and attempt tosolve problems together. Maintenance:

This usually involves solving random bugs and implementing small changes for an already working project. Meetings: Developers spend a lot of time meeting and talking not only when discussing new features with clients. Developers often organized daily status meetings.

where they discuss what did they manage to accomplish on a previous day and what are they going to do on that day. Web development for beginners What does a web developer do

Do you need a degree to become a web developer? Studying computer science willgive you an understanding and all the technological layers involved in thefield. However many companies do not care aboutyour education but they do care about you knowing how to do your job properly. Unlike many professions that require months or even years of training.

With web development, you can easily start right away. If you have a deep desire for learning and discovering the world of web development. There are many wonderful resources online to help you learn web development. Your only limit is your eagerness and willingness to learn and grow. So, are you ready to take the big plunge to start a career in web development?

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