Top Software and Tools for Web Development

Top Software and Tools for Web Development

Top Software and Tools for Web Development Hey – how’s it going today? I will list my top apps and tools that I use on a daily basis as a web developer, so let’s get started So if you are new here, I am Adrian Stefan I’m a front-end developer for a couple of years now, so if you are interested about becoming a developer yourself

Please consider subscribing. As a disclaimer. I’m not sponsoring any software or tools that I will mention this is just an informative video of the software and app that I use In my development process so the first step that I should begin with is the operating system and my personal choice of the operating System it is Mac O

I was microwaves for a number of reasons now the main one is The exclusivity of the software apps that are only supported on the Mac OS platform I will cover these apps at the end of the videos so if your Mac OS user You might want to watch until the end I personally love the mac OS interface I Am also a big fan of the app that is it comes with like the calendar pages the mail client

Even I also use Safari for debugging and testing and the list goes on But this doesn’t mean Mac o is the perfect platform for developers. I’m personally tied up by the exclusive apps like sketch because Sketch is only available on Mac OS, but if I was to choose between any other platforms any other Operating system besides Mac OS I would go with Linux next up on the list is The code editor or the

IDE and my personal choice of code editor is webstorm Webstorm is a software IDE for developers made by JetBrains these guys have the most awesome Coders in the world, and they have an independent software for each language so for example I use webstorm because he specialized on JavaScript It’s it knows every every possible framework. You can think of like reactive view angular and so on

Jetbrains have their own software for each independent language so for example if you code in PHP or Python They have the product you need Unfortunately you have to pay for their products, but if you are working as a freelancer and you charge hourly or weekly Basically every second you save with a coder. It’s pretty much a good investment I personally was pretty cheap when it came to buying for digital products But and I knew that these tools are

pretty disposable but when I came to see the value in them and this time you’ll save with this unique feature that they offer I Seen their value and it made me worth any every penny I spent also worth mentioning JetBrains have discount for students so if you send them Your your ID as a student can get their products all the products for free I also use Visual Studio code, and this one is open source which means is absolutely free But I only use vs. Just by coding simple

landing pages or basically static websites I don’t trust him or enough to use it in more complex projects Or larger projects when you when you’re working with a team. I don’t know don’t don’t throw rocks at me I just feel more comfortable using webstorm Top Software and Tools for Web Development

Then using vias before moving on I would just want to clarify that using a better Code editor doesn’t make it automatically a better programmer what I mean by that is before spending money on monthly subscriptions on fools or even Hardware make sure that the time You say with these tools worth more than the actual investment the quick math so, for example,

Let’s say you spend you save 30 minutes per day using this expensive code editor or this expensive hardware that makes you Gives you around 11 hours per month now think about how much money you make in this 11 hours based on how much money charged per hour so if these products if these Monthly expenses are lower than you would make in 11 hours well You are on the plus side next up is called postman. I just postman to Develop api’s by testing

our requests much faster than you would normally. It is a very intuitive and Beautiful UI and it makes your life much easier if you work with a PR is frequently it’s also available on every platform They also have a Chrome extension if you want to check it out if you work with designers before you have probably heard about sketch Sketch is used by designers mainly for designing and creating user experience and user interfaces for mobile and Web applications this app this

software forced me to switch to Mac OS but this doesn’t have to be the case for you mainly because I also work as a digital product designer and Sketch for me is pretty much a must. I also know the existence of Photoshop, but I’m all about saving time and Using Photoshop for creating user interfaces and designing the web No no just now if you are interested to about products like I sketch on cross platform like Windows or Linux I would suggest Adobe XD they

launched pretty soon, and it’s pretty similar to sketch I would totally recommend it the subscription on sketchy app you have to Pay only once in a lifetime. They also have student discount Which will give you around 50%? Discount price imageoptim is an application. It’s a small app only for Mac OS and is Compressing I use it for compressing images for the web. It’s not like an in

Spencer ball application I know the you can use even Photoshop or sketch to optimize and Compress your images next up. We have envision if you worked in this field for quite some time I’m sure you’ve heard about envision. This is a collaborative app It’s a web app on the ground We have to you don’t have to install it or anything and I use it on a daily basis it Helps me get a feedback and confirmation

on designs before starting to actual code up the website He says me from a lot of unnecessary work when it comes to communicating with my team or my clients Remotely I use HipChat HipChat is a cross-platform, and it’s developed by Atlassian guys These are the kings of productivity apps for programmers so if you want to get into

programming or You’re looking into apps for productivity you should definitely check them out as a proud as a Productivity app I use an app called todo This is an exclusive for Mac OS only. Top Software and Tools for Web Development

I will link it down below it helps me organize my schedule I’m a pretty messy person when it comes to dates. I forget a lot of stuff like Having the meeting with the clients, or I forget the movie.

That’s someone’s estimation I just go there and write it down so that’s pretty much the apps that I use on a daily basis when developing Designing and stuff like that basically as I’m working Thank you for watching. Please. Let me know if you have any suggestions for videos. Top Software and Tools for Web Development

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