Professional Logo Design Adobe Illustrator cs6 COLOR

Professional Logo Design Adobe Illustrator cs6 COLOR

Professional Logo Design Adobe Illustrator cs6 COLOR Let’s first study this design closely. If we see this logo, it is very clean. A leaf-like shape is created and repeatedly rotated in an angle. Each having four different colors. Their overlapping surfaces are shaded with brighter colors with different shades.

At the end the drop shadow is applied to givesome depth of feel. To design this logo we will through some very useful steps. We willunderstand how we can create this leaf like shape using simple tricks. We will go throughhow to apply proper color on each pieces. So lets begin with first step.1. Draw a

circle of radius 200 using ellipse tools , to do that select the tools and leftclick your mouse button. A pallet will appear with the attributes Height and Width, fillit with 200 value. 2. Now draw another circle in the same way,but ensure that its radius is 100. i.e. half of the bigger circle.3. Place the smaller circle over the bigger circle in such a way that , the lower vertexof both the circle are overlapping.

Now using the line segment tool draw a horizontal andvertical line crossing the center of the B-circle. 4. Copy the S-circle once. Now select boththe circle and choose the subtract option in the pathfinder pallet. It will subtractthe S-circle from the B-circle. 5. Select the individual lines and go to BOJECT>PATH>DIVIDEOBJECT BELOW. It will separate the shape into four parts. Delete the three shapes exceptone. 6.

Now press CTRL+F to past the S-circle infront. Edit the shape using the Remove point tool and direct selection tool to form theparticular shape. 7. Now select the shape , go to Rotate tooland place the anchor point to the center of the circle.With mouse R-click + Alt , drag the shape to an angle. This will duplicate another shape.To duplicate 3 more times click Ctrl+D. (Now you can delete the circle)8.

To get each part separately, select all the shapes, and divide them. Window>Pathfinder>divideNow delete all the unwanted parts. 9. Our next step is to fill the colors.

For that, we have our color pallet. Use this to fillup all the colors.10. Select all the shapes together and group them. We will add a drop shadow effect by going to Effect>stylize>drop shadow and giving some shadow. 11. Finally our text ‘color’ with font type century Gothic’. These steps are very smooth and very simple to create this LOGO. Professional Logo Design Adobe Illustrator cs6 COLOR

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