Graphic Design Adobe IllustratorPhotoshop SOLAR webbed

Graphic Design Adobe IllustratorPhotoshop SOLAR webbed

Graphic Design Adobe IllustratorPhotoshop SOLAR webbed DesignWelcome back to another Episode of create process. Today we will be working on SOLAR webbed graphic design. We will create the vector web in illustrator and design the Solar effects in Photoshop. So let’s begin with the tutorial. Open a new Illustrator document.

To create out the webbed structure, we willuse some reference images. You can find different types of images onthe web. So we will use black image for this design. Drag & drop to Ai document. Scale down the size and Embed the image. Next trace the image to black & white. This will convert the image to vector. After this expand the object and ungroup it.

Separate each element. Now select the web using the selection tool. Place to aside and change the color to darkcolor. In the same way select the other web, dragand change the color to dark. Now select all the remaining pieces and deleteit. Before we begin, add a black rectangle forbackground. Place the web over it and arrange them tofront. We will apply very light yellow color usingthe color picker. Select the light yellow and click ok. Next using the smaller web, we will createout a circle.

Select the smaller web and scale down thesize little bit. Now using the rotate tool, set the anchorpoint around here. Now with the alt pressed just click and dragto create a duplicate. Duplicate multiple webs using the short-cutCommand/Ctrl + D. Do little adjustment to fill up the empty space. Next bring in the second web and scale downthe size to match the design. Tilt it to an angle and place it close tothe border.

Now using the Rotate tool, set the anchorpoint to the centre. Click and drag to create a duplicate withthe alt pressed and command/Ctrl + D to duplicate it for multiple numbers. Change the Rotation of each webs to avoidsimilarity. Place one more web to the centre with slightchange in rotation to complete the design. Next to create out the Solar effect, we willopen a new Photoshop document.

Fill it up with black background color. Now drag & drop the web vector inside Photoshop. Scale up the size and place it around here. To give the effect, we will be using multiplelayers with different blending modes.Add a new layer and change the mode to color. Select the soft brush tool. Change the fill color to dark faded orangeand click ok.

Apply it over the left portion of the web. Adjust the size and opacity to give a gradualblending. For the other side, choose light green andapply it over the edges. we will be applying various other ranges ofcolor to give volume to the design. Next hide the color layer and double clickon the smart object layer. Under layer style panel apply color overlay.

Change the color to light yellow. Next selecting the smart object layer, goto Filter > Blur Gallery > Iris Blur. Make the shape circular, drag in the whitecircle and reduce the blur value around 5px. Then click ok. Next add a new layer above background layer. Hide the color layer, then choose dark Greencolor using the color picker.

Now with the soft brush tool, apply the coloron the New blank layer just below the web vector. Next unhide the color layer. Lets apply some darker tone to the edges oneither sides. Give warm color on both top and bottom. Next add a new layer for highlight. Change the layer mode to color dodge. Now choose yellow color. Apply it over the top & bottom of the design. Use lower opacity while applying over thesides.

Also use eraser tool to reduce overly highlightedareas. Double click on the blur gallery to increasethe blue value to 9. Next we will add a new layer to create a fogeffect over the surrounding. Choose yellow color and apply over here. Then green to apply over here. At this corner lets give dark blue. Now go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur.

We set the amount to 11 and click ok. Reduce the layer opacity around 58%. Then again go to Filter > Blur > GaussianBlur. Set the radius value to 126px. We got a soft fog effect. We can keep on adjusting until we get a niceeffect. Increase the highlight on the top portionto show heat. Add brightness and contrast adjustment layer,set the contrast to 29 and brightness to 17.

Next add Hue & Saturation adjustment layer. Increase the saturation value to +27 & huevalue to -6. This will enhance the contrast on the solareffect. Lastly type out the text with proper font. Finally we have completed Solar Webbeds graphicdesign. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, don’t forgetto check out the next tutorial coming up. And if you want more updates on

Graphic Design Adobe IllustratorPhotoshop SOLAR webbed

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