How Websites Work

How Websites Work

How Websites Work I’m one of the people you talk to you when you call us here at Bluehost. Nowadays most of us use the Internet all the time, but lots of us still don’t really know how it works well knowing how web sites work makes getting online a lot easier so in that video we go over the basic of what web sites

are made up where websites are stored and how websites get from where they areto your computer so first off websites are really not thatcomplicated It’s true good website can take a lotof time money and talent to create but at the endof the day everywhere website out there is just a bunchof files just like you have on your computer athome. Websites are made of content like picturesgraphic music, movies,

text and so on, but there’s one part that unique all website include computer code written in a programming language calledHTML if you aren’t familiar with programing this code may not look pretty but the webbrowser on your computer loves it. See your browser is designedto use this code to stick all those files together into a website you can see on your screen. So think of these files as pieces of a puzzle and think ofthe code like instruction on how to talk Now all these files and the code need a place to be stored. After all justlike music

How Websites Work

or pictures on your computer at homewebsite files take up space. Well that wherethis comes in. This is a webhosting server. Well it’s an old one anyway that we use to use here at bluehost.It may not look like it but servers servers like these are just super powerfulcomputer they look a little different than what mostof us have at home there’s no mouse or keyboard and there’sno display but that because these computers have just one purpose and that is to serve as a place for websites to be stored and accessed. So these

computers arecalled servers not so much because of what they arebut more because of what they do serve data. They just have a lot of extrahard drive and processing and take a lot morepower to run and they’re flat That’s so we can stack them. Here at bluehost we have more than one thousand of these in our data center. Now lastly, how do a website stored on these servers get to your computer at home. Well when you look up a website you open up a browser type in thewebsite or domain name and press enter, right? Well after that behind the scenes your computer

goes online to find the server where that particular website is stored by using what’s called the domain name system or DNS. See a server just like a building has an address The DNS maintains a list of which website are on which servers than tells your computer where they are So think of a DNS as like a phone book for websites Once your computer finds the server. It connects, gets the files and HTML code, and then your browser puts it all together into a website that you can and use. So that’s it I hope this help explain a little bit about how website work. This was just a very basic over so if you want to learn more don’tworry we’re doing several more in-depth videos soon. Just make sure to follow us so you don’t miss them.

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