Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog
Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog if you started a podcast and you’re wondering how can you embed that podcast onto your blog because you want to make sure that people are coming back to your home base which is your blog or your website in order to listen to your podcasts so I want to make it easy for you and I’m going to show you a few ways depending upon the platform that you’ reusing and also the podcasting host that you’re using now if you want to find out all about my recommended podcasting hosts you can go to the video.

that I have a podcast hosting for 2018 and I’ll be sure to add a card for that video over here so the first one that I want to show you is for someone who has a self-hosted WordPress blog and they’re using one of my recommended blog podcast hosts and that’s Libsyn so in order for me to do that I’m gonna head over to my daughters podcast and her website and my daughter’s name is Nicole Nicole pervyhey Nikki and her podcast is better than success and on the better than success website it just so happens that she interviewed me on the last episode which was last weekend and if you scroll down a bit you’ll see the embedded player know what my daughter does in her podcast she hosts with Lipson and as I mentioned this is a self-hosted WordPress blog she uses the default image now my daughter knows that most of our listeners are listening either on iTunes or they’re listening through the Google Play. Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

or stitcher so she’s notthat concerned about the look of the widget on her site but she does want itto have it there because she’s got people coming to her site all the timebecause she’s got a real estate league and that’s a better than success realestate league she’s also the author of a book which is the anti hustle book andshe’s just doing a phenomenal job with this anti hustle book and so people arecoming over here because she also has events for example we had thePhiladelphia real estate Week event is coming up and then she’s got a ton ofmore events coming up so she’s got a lot of traffic to this site but I wanted toshow you that you can embed just a simple podcast player I believe theycall it the wizard player from Lipson if you’re hosting your show with libsyn andlet me just go back over here so you can see what it looks like now if you wantone the lips and dashboard you can change the dimensions of this player andbecause I know that most folks that are using WordPress self-hosted WordPressand they have a podcast those are not the folks that are really strugglingwith this issue the folks that are really struggling with this issue ofembedding the podcast on their blog or folks who are using other platformsthere’s also tons of plugins that you

can use if you have a self hostedWordPress so we’re not going to cover that we’re gonna cover it like I said Iwant to address my friends who are using platforms like anchorthey’re trying to figure out how they can embed that on their blog so I’mgoing to go to the first example of a wordpress.com blog let me get that upbefore I go to the screen share all right and I see some folks have comeinto the audience and so I just want to say hi to you guys and let me just gothrough a couple more examples and then I’ll bring you guys up on screen okay sowith this example here let’s make sure I’m just sharing the right screen I’vealways had a wordpress.

com blog in fact the very first blog that I ever startedblogging one was Aileen dot wordpress.com and so I played aroundwith a few other blogs that I never actually published and this one thatwe’re looking at is called the podcast blog and you know I never launched thebook the blog but it’s great because now I can use this for demo and whatwordpress.com does they have a very slick interface so this is a preview ofthese embedded podcast episodes now in this instance we’re not talking aboutLipson because we already talked about thatright I want to show off a Spreaker which is really my one of my favoritehosts and this question also came up from Andy Andy does a live interviewshow and she can use Spreaker to do her live interviews via audio okay so shewants to also be able to embed that player that we play player once at herblog so here’s an example now what I need to do in this these examples hereis just tweak the image sizes but I didn’t want to spend that much time onthis because you guys know you can easily you know rearrange the positionof the images and what we want to do is get down tothe nuts and bolts of how to actually do this embed alright because it was.

noteasy for me to find how to enter this code now the one that you see on the topis the Spreaker episode widget so one of the things about Spreaker is that peoplecan come into the community and they can like your broadcast or they can leavecomments and of course they can share it so here I like how it has this waveformdown at the bottom and even though I just embedded the episode here let metake it you can see that people could also scroll down to see previousepisodes so that’s a very handy feature now in the next one is the show widgetso no matter what the most current episode is always going to be the one ontop and in this particular episode I actually did not have show art for thisepisode so this is just my channel logo okay so let’s before we go to the nextexample let me just show you how to do it because we’re going to go into thebackend let’s go to the Edit right so we’re editing this now what I found outfrom Spreaker. Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

I was actually digging around because I was trying to help Andyanswer her question and I found that there is a code and you won’t find itwhen you’re in the backend of Spreaker you just I actually found this in a blogpost as an answer to a question so with this particular code you’re going tohave the bracket and a bit you know I’m going to put all this stuff in thedescription of this video but I wanted you guys to see here where you can justembed that code in this case the link that you that Iused was the link for the episode and in this case the link that I use is thelink for my show okay so that’s the difference between those two so now I’mgoing to show you how to find that how to actually grab that code once Freakerso let’s go over to before I do that hang on one second and I think I I seethat I have some live viewers here but I don’t see anything in a chatroom so youknow what I think I did I think I have the wrong chat room open and sohopefully I’ll be able to mute this tab quick enough when I open it you go I gotit muted fast .

enough so now let me see if I can grab because I’m I’m gonnaassume that somebody said hi to me no I owe ya there we go alright here we goI had the wrong chat box open earlier so let me pop this one out cuz I love lovelove to bring you guys up from screen let me close yeah I started to go livein a different platform and so I didn’t have the right chat box open so knock itoff okay alright so let me go over here and say hi to the folks that are herejust rosales hey hey hey you’re here for the YouTube Church yes we are gonnatouch on YouTube and then there’s Brian from ring lawn care hey Brian and Andrewthank you thank you thank you and Fox gang war is here I like that spelling ofgame or you shared the link in the patron group thank you so muchand yes it’s super cute this Saturday thank youyeah oh yeah I was a little delayed Andrew actually because I waspositioning the light and you know we’ll talk about the the light although laterbecause I’m still not exactly happy with the placement ofit and because right now it’s snowing here and so there’s not much daylighthappening so what we’re still working it outthat’s alright though so now let me show you the back end of the.

Spreakerdashboard and I see Oliver Vince Vincenti is here hi Oliverokay let’s go back to screen share oh right so this is the Spreaker websiteguys they always put a little message up there they want you to do some kind ofupgrading or something so this is what my podcast that’s over on Spreaker thisis what it looks like this kind of a hodgepodge of different episodes this isnot my main podcast that’s over in iTunes okay this is one that I like thisFreaker platform because I can go live on audio so here I would want to go intomy dashboard right and what they call the Spreaker CMS or you know contentmanagement system all right so here’s what I would need to do if I was goingto embed this this whole show right Wow created six years ago so you know been afan of Spreaker for a long time then I would grab these embed codes and I lovewhat one thing that Spreaker does and reason why I really love them so much isbecause they’re the only ones that I know and if you guys find someone elsewho does this you let me know they’re the only ones that I know that allow youto take their logo off of that player so you see the Spreaker logo over here allI have to do is uncheck that box and that logo is gone okay now of course ifI went you know I want to show my likes and my comments and my shares if I hadhere then also I can go with the dark theme instead of a light theme okay nowit just all depends upon the background of you know your blog and what yourwebsite looks now like for example this would be fabulous on my daughter sassyshe doesn’t use Spreaker she’s using Lipson but if you remember her site thatI showed you a minute ago.

it’s all yellow and black those are her colorslet’s see if we go back here you know so this this would be perfect for her youknow if I could convince her to try Spreaker but I’d have to do it all forher so and I don’t have time for all this so here’s what you would grab ifyou had a blogger blog okay or a wordpress self-hosted blog you wouldgrab this long code here alright or or this one depending upon what kind of youknow where you want it positioned this one would be copy and paste this codejust before the body tag it just depends upon how your site is but let’s just sayit was a regular WordPress self-hosted then you would use this one at the topright and they give you a choice between the iframe and Spreaker actually has aplug-in so if you were going to use on a self-hosted blog you may as well justget the plug-in because the plug-in may have some other fancy features that I’mnot even aware of because I don’t use that plug-in okay but the iframe embedis always always always my favorite and if we get time I’ll show you why I likethat one okay so and then also we have the option remember I showed you how youcould go dark you can also use that photo as the background okay if I wantedto do that you know I I need to resize my images to fit this player and ittells you those sizes we recommend uploadingshow artwork of at least 1400 by 1400 we support JPEG PNG and jiff and TIFF at aminimum of 400 by 400 and a maximum of 4 megabytes so that is absolutely fabulousto know that and then you can change the size of the player but them and themaximum height is 600 let’s see what it looks like at 600 so yeah definitelywhat don’t want to use that artwork okay with that when you don’t use the artworkthen the minimum I’m sorry the maximum height changes to 200 pixels instead ofthe 600 hey . Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

Mon Fah Zane how are you yeah I’m the best teacher ever oh thankyou okay so I like Spreaker you know my four recommendations are Libsyn, Blubrry, Spreaker and Podbean focus on Spreaker and even though SoundCloud isnot one of my favorites that is the next one that I want to show you because youknow I know that you guys are gonna use what you want to use right and I knowthat a lot of you guys are using SoundCloud so let’s face it you don’talways take my advice and I want you to be able to know how to do it if youdecide that you’re going to use SoundCloud okay is that fair I’m doing fine I’m doing fine I’m outokay so here we go let’s go over to my favorite these are ones that I favoriteit but we’re gonna go over to my tracks you know I don’t even like theterminology to use it because it’s not really a track it’s a podcast but that’sokay I’m not gonna pick on soundcloud since I’m on their website right nowalright so here’s how you would grab that embed code okay hey Larry hey heyhey all right so this is the differentoptions that you have here the different colors that you can use with it and youknow I I wouldn’t get too fancy with the colors because each one of your andthat’s see how this play button let me scroll down a little bit I’m sorry guyssee how this play button is changing

color I don’t know that that reallymakes that much difference I guess it really just all depends upon the colorsof your website let’s go with the green move here that that might make a littlebit difference okay and you can do the same things now let’sgo back to the example of the wordpress.com blog before I do that letme just come back on cam break the monotony of all that little stuff therethat you’re looking at in the backend of SoundCloud okay so just a real quickrecap was especially since I saw that Larry just came in I’m showing awordpress.com blog and how you can show off your podcast on wordpress.com okay so now let’s go back to the backend ofthe blog here okay SoundCloud has a code very similar to the Spreaker only that’sa little bit longer but it starts off with that bracket here so this is meshowing it to you on the back again now let’s do a preview so you would see howit looks and you see youtube there one there toit I probably put them out of order probably sure to put the YouTube one atthe bottom so we’re gonna come back to YouTube later but there’s the SoundCloudand once again you see how my image isn’t positioned in there properly soI’m going to do this I have to keep that in mind the position of the image that’sgoing to show up there okay another thing I want you tonotice remember I said Spreaker is the only onethat lets you take their branding off so see SoundCloud not only has theirbranding there but they also have this cookie policy thing and I think that’sbecause SoundCloud may not be their headquarters may not be based in the USI think that may have something to do with that cookie policy or just becauseof their user base and you know eventually Spreaker may have to have itas well because of what’s going on with you know all the different notificationsthat we have to give people when they’re being tracked on our website so anywhothis is what the sound Club now a lot of people prefer this player and that’s whya lot of folks are using SoundCloud I honestly as you can tell Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

because I keeptalking about them I like the way the Spreaker player looks better okay youcan see this particular piece of art you can’t really see it as much but you cansee a little bit more in this art here you know I it’s just six in one handhalf a dozen yeah I started playing my podcast alrightnow the reason why I have YouTube here I can’t hold out any longer first I wantto let you know that when you’re embedding a YouTube video on anyWordPress blog all you have to do is enter the link so I’m wearing a visualside now but let’s just go back to the HTML side only thing I did was put thelink in there now all of you webmasters already know that but somebody who’sjust getting into podcasting who may be watching this doesn’t realize anyWordPress blog that’s self hosted WordPress or wordpress.com all you haveto do for a YouTube video is to paste the link to the video and it will renderon WordPress that’s just something that WordPress decided that they would youknow that in Twitter is the same well if you have a link from Twitter itwill automatically render and there’s two or three other items thatautomatically render on WordPress so alright I’ll come back on cam now and Ialso want to get this link over in the Facebook and my group here for mypatrons if anybody wants to come on cam so hang on for a second guyslet me get Facebook up all right thanks for your patience there Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

I know that thisis the reason why I came on this route instead of using the ECAM live today isbecause you know II cam live you can’t bring people on but remember that’s inbeta and also you need Skype and I just didn’t feel like being bothered with allof it today so anyway I’m going back over into the group and to the grouptext and pasting that link if anyone wants to join me on cam okay all rightmost people are I see a few comments over there folks saying that they’regoing to come in later on so you know wordpress.com is really something that Irecommend for a beginning blogger because eventually you’re probably gonnawant to upgrade to a self hosted WordPress and although they do have animport from blogger it’s not foolproof and to upgrade from us from awordpress.com to a self hosted WordPress so much easier it’s like a cakewalk youknow you didn’t literally just say okay embed it you know it’s a few clicks andit will bring in you can bring the blog post and individually which is somethingthat I did and this has been like this for you a long time because even when Istarted basic blog tips I bought like ten blog posts over fromthe eileen blog on wordpress.com and they came over without a hitch maybe Ihad to resize an image or something like

that but that’s just because when you gofrom one thing to another you always have to resize images andthings like that I take that stuff into consideration so is anybody coming tojoin me in the room I see some comments over here and Karla has joined us in thechat great to see you Carla and oh okay Spotify oh speaking of podcasting mypodcast is now on Spotify congratulations Larry oh my gosh I’m soglad you took moving already got your thing listed on Spotify Congrats thankyou so did it actually show up like if I go over to Spotify now and type in Larrysnow it’ll come up uh yeah it should business of security okay great becauseI know when Rob Walsh was made of the announcement the other day he said ittakes two weeks for it to actually show up it took two days oh wow that’sfantastic Spotify is really your mic is kind of hot Larry it’s my Spotify isreally they’re getting serious about podcasting about time oh you got ahashtag Larry Larry superstar you see that yeah I see it is that betteruh-huh yes let’s see Carla is finding out for the first time about the Spotifything Carla you need to host with Lipson in order if you if you’re hosting yourpodcast with Lipson you can get in to Spotify yeah they make it super easy I wonder why I know you probably werejust recording videos or something that doesn’t doesn’t feel loud to me okay soI’m not sure why Spotify decided to start with Lipson like okay this is justto give you guys a little bit of a history really quickly over a year Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

agoactually was a 2015 Spotify decided that they were gonna let select podcasts overinto their directory and then about two three months ago people started postingI finally got in after a year after a year I finally got in I finally got hitand so that you know like I said I was to three months ago and then just thispast weekend we got the announcement from the folks at Lipson rob wall showsthe VP of podcast relations said that Lipson podcasts all you have to do isset up a destination for Spotify now I am NOT going to show you guys how to dothat today because I want to keep it I want to keep this video simpler forsomeone who is just starting it may not even be using Lipson yet and then we canhold that for another you know live stream for those who are using lipstick yeah I was just messing around withlibsyn I was just poking around because I’ve had them that’s how I do my podcastI upload them to libsyn as a as a download-only I’ve never went throughthe process of having a podcast page and all that stuff and I just was just doingthe same thing over and over again and I just thought well let me just go explorewhat else lives in has and since I’m getting back into the podcasting thingokay let me check this out and there were all these destinations you can do iheart radio you can do Spotify Google Play Music and there were like acouple other options and

so I’ve done I’ve submitted to I Heart Radio see if Iget in there and I submitted it to tune in to see if I get there but that’s notthe tune in is not through Lipson hey Andrew welcome welcome thank you thankyou had you ever thought about doing a podcast Andrew not really you know it’slike I have a voice for silent movies and a face for radio so I just don’t dothat type of stuff oh people will love your content either way you’re just sucha helpful person thank you I try you know and don’t worry about moving yourlights I do it every 45 minutes whether it needs to be done or not I still don’thave it dialed in so might owe in fact it was Terry Lee he left a comment thathe said that it was too close and I and so I said well I’ll use the battery andthen that way I can back it up but I guess I was thinking that I would havethis light coming towards me which would be from my window but it’s snowing nowso it was not much Sun that’s the problem any daylight at all coming inthen the light is constantly changing so you don’t know how to set these lightsup now if you were in the room with no one between that was your only lightsource you could do it once and forget it but with the date you know especiallyif you’re on all day cuz I’ve got like a 45 degree angle because I’m in a cornerroom with windows on two sides in the morning I’ve got it coming this way inthe evening I’ve got it coming this way and so I’m constantly up you know heyBharti how are you oh now I can hear you yes okay I am let me see if I can get mycamera this is an experiment oh you’re experimenting with someoh there you go I am coming in from my other my back studio which is not reallyset up right now can you hear me okay yepyou’re fine Wow tech issues are bizarre right now yeah this lighting sucks inhere I didn’t have time because the other the other system I was all set togo and there was no sound Wow and so I just ran back here so the Lighting’s notset up right but oh yeah so so barb do you have a podcast I haven’t set it upyet and that’s why I mean theoreticallythat’s what I wanted to do and I am why I was drawn to anchor because it wasjust so easy from the phone you know like we talked about yeahso then health issue got in the way and I just said well it’s just gotta wait Ican’t it’s all about time in place and I’m watching what’s going on in the mainstream of things and I know that Facebook is working really pushing on

anaudio because they caught they got it finally you know that more of us eventhough the video is there we end up listening we don’t watch and the thingabout listening to someone speaking is that it doesn’t take nearly as muchbandwidth so for the foreign countries particularly you know it makes it mucheasier for them to communicate with us and so that being said is like what arethey did you you saw that they rolled out the music and the sound clips andstuff and I know that things are going on behind the scenes that they’re youknow it’s it’s concept-wise it’s a push-button approach so thatdoesn’t you don’t have to be a technophobe to you know it’s the wholething is going to be very plug-and-play very easy to do so I thought well whereI am in life from what’s going on I’m not I think that the most that I can dois the anchor thing and I’m just hovering at this over the holidays justdeciding whether just to stick with Facebook quite frankly and becauseFacebook is on our phone they’re going all mobile and if they are going

tohighlight us and whether we’re all your video it they’re highlighting live andyou know to be there in the moment so if they’re doing that it puts a new twiston things okay well yeah I’m not hearing you I hear you oh darncan you everybody else can hear me right let me Larry I know you can hear me cuzyou didn’t recognize kind of another can you hear Larry nope 19300 workingonly in one way whoops so so okay I’m glad I broughtbrought up anchor because there’s something I want to say about anchorwith anchor you can’t currently in bed on awordpress.com blog so that’s a limitation because anchor has thatiframe code and you know wordpress.com has granted like I mentioned earlierYouTube they can you know you all you have to do is paste the link alsoTwitter all you have to do is paste the link and there’s a couple of otherthings I can’t think of him off top my head what anchor doesn’t have that kindof weight yet we WordPress and I don’t know that they’rethere ever going to get it now if you have a self-hosted

WordPress no problemyou just grab that embed code and you can embed your episodes now there’ssomething else that I need to clarify because this is really important and Iknow for a newbie podcaster this is very confusing and for us seasoned podcasterswe’re kind of like well yeah what made you think you could do that and it kindof you know is like why can’t you but one thing you need to knowyou cannot embed your iTunes podcast in your website you just can’t do itif you’re hosting with a Lipson or a blueberry or a Spreaker you can embedthat player yes but actually go to the iTunes page and look for an embed codeyou’re not going to find it because you can’t do that and I know that’s a littleconfusing for folks because you go to other people’s sites and you listen totheir podcasts but they’re actually getting a player widget from their hostnot from AppleEasy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

iTunes I don’t know if Apple’s ever gonna change that butprobably not what do you think Larry I was testing out because I still have myold wordpress.com website uh-huh and I was just was about to paste in theiframe from anchor oh oh yeah I played with it already a few times just to makesure because that’s the question that I was actually getting I’m getting all myfriends at anchor they want to know how to embed their podcast but they don’thave blogger and they don’t have self hosted WordPress they mostly haveyeah that’s funny because you but when they preview it it doesn’t show up wellas it shows as a link yes the pointing yeah I mean you know honestly there’sonly a few things that you can embed that way now if they had a shortcode seewhat I was showing with Spreaker and I think you missed that part LarrySpringer has a shortcode SoundCloud has a shortcode so they’ve done somedevelopment with the folks at wordpress.com to get that shortcode andit’s actually very hard to find a shortcode for Spreaker it’s notstraightforward I had to I literally had to dig into the comments of a blog postin order to find

Easy Way to Embed Your Podcast on Your Blog

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